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Fastest 4000 Runs in ODI Cricket

Fastest 4000 Runs in ODI Cricket

Player Opposition Ground Match Date Debut Time Mat Inns Scorecard
HM Amla (SA) v India Durban 8 Dec 2013 9 Mar 2008 5y 274d 84 81 ODI # 3443
IVA Richards (WI) v New Zealand Albion 14 Apr 1985 7 Jun 1975 9y 311d 96 88 ODI # 326
JE Root (ENG) v West Indies Southampton 29 Sep 2017 11 Jan 2013 4y 261d 97 91 ODI # 3918
V Kohli (INDIA) v England Ranchi 19 Jan 2013 18 Aug 2008 4y 154d 96 93 ODI # 3322
DA Warner (AUS) v Bangladesh The Oval 5 Jun 2017 18 Jan 2009 8y 138d 95 93 ODI # 3879
Q de Kock (SA) v Sri Lanka Pallekele 8 Aug 2018 19 Jan 2013 5y 201d 94 94 ODI # 4030
S Dhawan (INDIA) v Sri Lanka Visakhapatnam 17 Dec 2017 20 Oct 2010 7y 58d 96 95 ODI # 3942
CG Greenidge (WI) v England Leeds 21 May 1988 11 Jun 1975 12y 345d 97 96 ODI # 519
KS Williamson (NZ) v Bangladesh Christchurch 26 Dec 2016 10 Aug 2010 6y 138d 102 96 ODI # 3814
BC Lara (WI) v New Zealand Port of Spain 30 Mar 1996 9 Nov 1990 5y 142d 101 100 ODI # 1086

Hashim Amla heads the list of the batsmen to have reached the fastest 4,000 runs in ODI cricket with just 81 innings. Further in the article, we also look at the records of nine other batsmen who are among the fastest to score 4000 runs in ODIs.

Top Fastest to 4000 Runs in ODIs

1. Hashim Amla – 81 Innings

Hashim Amla excelled for South Africa in all three formats. He had a calm and classy batting style and boasted an excellent cover drive and leg-side flick. Amla was also the fastest to reach 5,000 runs in ODIs. Besides more than 8,000 runs in ODIs, he also scored 9,282 runs in Tests.

Overall, Amla featured in 181 ODIs, blasting 8,113 runs at a 49.46 average and an 88.39 strike rate with 39 fifties and 27 centuries. Amla’s highest ODI score is 159.

2. IVA Richards – 88 Innings

King Richards could blast even the best bowlers in the world to all parts of the ground without wearing a helmet. He was strong on the front foot and had awesome power and a devastating hook. Besides more than 6,000 runs in ODIs, he also smashed 8,540 runs in Tests.

In total, Richards starred in 187 ODIs, in which he clobbered 6,721 runs at a 47.00 average and a 90.20 strike rate with 45 fifties and 11 hundreds. Richards’s highest ODI score is 189 not out.

3. Joe Root – 91 Innings

Joe Root was marked out for England captaincy at a young age. He can play crisp strokes with shrewd judgment to score runs by the ton. In fact, Root is placed among the top four batsmen currently, along with Kane Williamson, Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. Besides blasting more than 5,000 runs in ODIs, he has stroked 8,617 runs in Tests.

Root has played 149 ODIs, hammering 5,962 runs at a 50.10 average and an 86.90 strike rate with 33 fifties and 16 hundreds. Root’s highest ODI score is 133 not out.

Fastest 4000 Runs in ODI Cricket

4. Virat Kohli – 93 Innings

Virat Kohli has achieved success in all three formats thanks to a technique as solid as Sachin Tendulkar’s and top-level fitness. He is also a shrewd skipper who has led India to many victories in all formats. Besides more than 12,000 ODI runs, Kohli has cracked 7,490 Test runs.

In total, Kohli has starred in 254 ODIs, smashing 12,169 runs at a 59.07 average and a 93.17 strike rate with 62 fifties and 43 hundreds. Kohli’s highest ODI score is 183 runs.

5. David Warner – 93 Innings

David Warner had a stellar career before it was affected by the ball-tampering scandal along with Steve Smith. Nevertheless, he returned triumphantly to resume scoring runs by the dozen in all formats. Besides blasting more than 5,000 runs in ODIs, Warner has also cracked 7,311 runs in Tests.

Overall, Warner has appeared in 128 ODIs in which he has hammered 5,455 runs at a 45.45 average and a 95.53 strike rate with 23 fifties and 18 centuries. Warner’s highest ODI score is 179.

6. Quinton de Kock – 94 Innings

Quinton de Kock’s handy glovework and fearless striking have made cricket pundits compare him to wicket-keeper-batsman greats like Mark Boucher and Adam Gilchrist. At school, De Kock excelled in baseball and even thought of considering shifting to the U.S. But his father made him choose cricket instead. Besides scoring more than 5,000 runs in ODIs, De Kock has knocked 3,008 Test runs so far.

In total, De Kock has played 123 ODIs, smashing 5,235 runs at a 44.74 average and a 94.87 strike rate with 26 fifties and 15 hundreds. De Kock’s highest ODI score is 178.

7. Shikhar Dhawan – 95 Innings

Shikhar Dhawan had an excellent Test debut during which he blasted the quickest hundred ever made by a debutant. Dhawan bats confidently and his personality is flamboyant and outgoing. He had an outstanding 2015 World Cup during which he scored 412 runs at 51.50 to help India reach the semifinal.

Dhawan, in total, has starred in 142 ODIs, blasting 5,977 runs at a 45.28 average and a 93.90 strike rate with 32 fifties and 17 hundreds. Dhawan’s highest ODI score is 143.

8. Gordon Greenidge – 96 Innings

Gordon Greenidge had destructive power and a solid defensive technique. He boasted a withering square-cut and an excellent pull and hook. Besides hammering more than 5,000 ODI runs, Greenidge also clobbered 7,558 Test runs.

Greenidge featured in 128 ODIs, smashing 5,134 runs at a 45.03 average and a 64.92 strike rate with 31 fifties and 11 centuries. Greenidge’s highest ODI score is 133 not out.

Fastest 4000 Runs in ODI Cricket

9. Kane Williamson – 96 Innings

Kane Williamson is one of the best Kiwi batsmen of all time. He cracked a hundred on Test debut at the age of 20. Besides more than 6,000 ODI runs, Williamson also hammered 7115 Test runs.

In total, Williamson appeared in 151 ODIs, smashing 6,173 runs at a 47.48 average and an 81.75 strike rate with 39 fifties and 13 hundreds. Williamson’s highest ODI score is 148.

10. Brian Lara – 100 Innings

Brian Lara was one of the best batsmen in the world in both ODIs and Tests. Besides stroking more than 10,000 runs in ODIs, he also cracked 11,953 runs in Tests.

Overall, Lara played 299 ODIs, hammering 10,405 runs at a 40.48 average and a 79.51 strike rate with 63 fifties and 19 hundreds. Lara’s highest ODI score is 169.


That then is the list of the cricketers fastest to reach 4000 runs in ODIs. Let’s wait and see if any other good batsmen join the current list’s entrants in the coming years.

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