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What Is a Maiden in Cricket

What Is a Maiden in Cricket

Simply going by the dictionary, the word maiden means first, initial, earliest as well as a single or an unwed girl. In cricket, an over is called a maiden over when the bowler does not concede a run in all six balls bowled in that over. Historically, the number of balls per over has varied from 4, 5, 6, or 8 balls to, eventually, 6 balls per over that is now fixed in all formats of the game. Hence, to make the definition broader, a maiden over is an over in which no runs are scored in the entire over.

Extra Runs

A maiden over is all about the runs conceded by bowlers. If a bowler does not concede any runs, then it’s a maiden over. In other words, extra runs as a result of a wide ball or a no-ball are counted against the bowler. Hence, an over with such extras cannot be called a maiden over even if the batsman at strike doesn’t score a run in such over.

On the other hand, extras like byes or leg byes are not counted against the bowler. So, if in an over, runs are scored only because of byes or leg byes, then it is still called a maiden over because in such over, runs are neither scored by the batsman nor conceded by the bowlers.


Wicket Maiden

trong>A wicket maiden over is an over in which a bowler concedes zero runs and takes at least one wicket. More often, when a batsman fails to score a run in consecutive balls, the pressure starts building up and as a result, the batsman gives away his wicket. Such a tactic has been used by many bowlers like Glenn McGrath to get a wicket in critical situations. Full credit goes to the bowler for a wicket maiden over as it helps the team significantly.


Maiden Overs in T20, ODI and Tests

trong>In Tests, we see maiden overs more frequently as the batting side gets sufficient time due to unlimited overs. In Tests, teams don’t always look for a win. Even a draw could favour the team if the side is already leading the Test series or if going for a win looks risky. So, blocking and just staying at the crease becomes more important than scoring runs. In addition, many times, a team strategically decides to continuously bowl at negative line-and-length, forcing a batsman to do do something different. All these factors lead to a maiden over.

In ODI or T20 matches, it’s difficult for a bowler to bowl a maiden over due to the fast-paced and limited-overs nature of the format. So, in ODIs and especially T20s, a maiden over means a bowler has bowled brilliantly. In T20s, a maiden over is nothing less than a wicket.

Lethal pacer and death-over specialist in T20s Jasprit Bumrah has just bowled 7 maidens until now. That shows how difficult the task is in T20 games.

What Is a Maiden in Cricket


Maiden Super Over

s (knock-out matches) and T20 matches, when a game is tied, a Super Over is bowled: a bowler from each side bowls an over, and the team with the most runs in that over wins the match. If the bowler bowls a maiden over in the Super Over, it’s a maiden super over. It’s most desirable to bowl a maiden super over, though it’s least possible.

In August 2017, playing for Trinidad and Tobago, Sunil Naraine bowled an unbelievable maiden super over defending 12 runs against Guyana Amazon Warriors in the 2017 Caribbean Premier League (CPL). He is the first and only player to achieve this feat.

Most Maiden

Most Maiden Overs in Tests

th no overs restrictions, two innings per match and long sessions spanned across 5 days, the risk for playing a good ball is far greater than leaving it. It is absolutely fine not to score a run in an over in a Test match, but a small mistake while unnecessarily flirting with a good line-length ball can lead to big trouble. So the bowlers always get more maiden overs in Tests with disciplined line-and-length. The table below shows the top 10 bowlers as per the most maiden overs in Test matches.

Rank Player Career Matches Innings Maidens
1 M Muralitharan (SL) 1992-2010 133 230 1794
2 SK Warne (AUS) 1992-2007 145 273 1761
3 A Kumble (INDIA) 1990-2008 132 236 1576
4 GD McGrath (AUS) 1993-2007 124 243 1470
5 JM Anderson (ENG) 2003-2020 156 291 1430
6 LR Gibbs (WI) 1958-1976 79 148 1313
7 DL Underwood (ENG) 1966-1982 86 151 1239
8 SM Pollock (SA) 1995-2008 108 202 1222
9 DL Vettori (NZ) 1997-2014 113 187 1197
10 SCJ Broad (ENG) 2007-2020 143 263 1144

Most Maiden

Most Maiden Overs in ODIs

number of maiden overs is relatively smaller and it depends much on the pitch and weather conditions. If the pitch is bowler-friendly, or the bowler bowls at the right area, he can still earn a maiden over in ODI matches. Like in Tests, a maiden over in ODIs increases the chances of a wicket. Here is the list of bowlers with the most maiden overs in One Day International matches.

Rank Player Career Matches Innings Maidens
1 SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA) 1996-2008 303 297 313
2 GD McGrath (AUS/ICC) 1993-2007 250 248 279
3 WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL) 1994-2008 322 320 279
4 Wasim Akram (PAK) 1984-2003 356 351 237
5 N Kapil Dev (INDIA) 1978-1994 225 221 235
6 M Muralitharan (Asia/ICC/SL) 1993-2011 350 341 198
7 CEL Ambrose (WI) 1988-2000 176 175 192
8 Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ) 1973-1990 115 112 185
9 CA Walsh (WI) 1985-2000 205 204 185
10 EJ Chatfield (NZ) 1979-1989 114 112 155

Most Maiden

Most Maiden Overs in T20Is

een in the previous section, the tenth-ranked bowler EJ Chatfield bowled a total of 155 maidens, while the total number of maiden overs bowled by all top ten bowlers together in T20 games is just 52. It shows how rare it is to bowl a maiden over in the T20 format of the game. The top player on the list is India’s Jasprit Bumrah with 7 maiden overs, followed by Sri Lanka’s Kulasekara with 6 maiden overs from 50 or more innings. See the table below for the complete list.

Rank Player Career Matches Innings Maidens
1 JJ Bumrah (INDIA) 2016-2020 50 49 7
2 KMDN Kulasekara (SL) 2008-2017 58 58 6
3 Harbhajan Singh (INDIA) 2006-2016 28 27 5
4 DT Johnston (IRE) 2008-2013 30 28 5
5 BAW Mendis (SL) 2008-2014 39 39 5
6 Mohammad Amir (PAK) 2009-2020 50 50 5
7 Mohammad Nabi (AFG) 2010-2020 78 77 5
8 Mohammad Naveed (UAE) 2015-2019 31 31 5
9 Sultan Ahmed (UAE) 2017-2020 22 22 5
10 Abdur Razzak (BDESH) 2006-2014 34 33 4

Most Maiden Over

Most Maiden Overs – Overall

s also take a look at the list of the most maiden overs in all formats of the game. It will show who has dominated the chart in Test and ODI formats combined as T20 figures are too small. Here, Muralitharan is at the top with 1992 maidens in 583 innings, followed by Warne with 1871 maidens, while McGrath takes the third place with 1749 maidens in 464 innings.

Rank Player Career Matches Innings Maidens
1 M Muralitharan (Asia/ICC/SL) 1992-2011 495 583 1992
2 SK Warne (AUS/ICC) 1992-2007 339 464 1871
3 GD McGrath (AUS/ICC) 1993-2007 376 493 1749
4 A Kumble (Asia/INDIA) 1990-2008 403 501 1685
5 JM Anderson (ENG) 2002-2020 369 501 1556
6 SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA) 1995-2008 423 510 1536
7 CA Walsh (WI) 1984-2001 337 446 1329
8 LR Gibbs (WI) 1958-1976 82 151 1317
9 DL Vettori (ICC/NZ) 1997-2015 442 498 1297
10 N Kapil Dev (INDIA) 1978-1994 356 448 1295


Conclusionrs play a significant role in all formats of cricket. Though it is more frequent and easy to earn a maiden over in Tests, it is the most effective but rare in T20 games. At times, a few dot balls can earn a wicket too, due to the pressure built up on the batsman. We hope this article has provided you with enough insights about the maiden over and its various aspects.

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