Most Runs in ODI 2019

Most Runs in ODI 2019
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1. Rohit Sharma (IND)

The list is headed by Rohit Sharma with 1427 runs in 28 matches at 57.30, 7 tons and 6 fifties, including the highest score of 159 and a strike rate of 89.92. The highlight of Sharma’s performance was his spectacular show during the ICC World Cup in England when he made 648 runs in 9 matches with five tons and a fifty. In the lead-up to the Cup, Sharma made 387 runs in 8 matches combined against Australia and New Zealand, including a ton and 2 fifties. Hitman ended the year on a positive note with 258 runs in 3 games against the visiting West Indies team, including a ton and a fifty.

2. Virat Kohli (IND)

Next comes Virat Kohli who scored 1377 runs in 26 matches at 59.86, with 5 tons and 7 fifties, including his highest score of 123 and a strike rate of 96.36. Though Kohli was not as spectacular as Sharma during the World Cup, he was consistent as ever with 433 runs in 9 games and 5 fifties. He got three tons in 8 games against Australia, playing away and at home, and another two on the tour of the West Indies.

3. Shai Hope (WI)

Shai Hope with 1345 runs in 28 matches at 61.14, 4 tons, 8 fifties and a strike rate of 77.93 was very consistent in 2019. Relatively mediocre performance in the home series against England was followed by 470 runs in five matches at 94.00 with two tons in the tri-nation tournament held in Bangladesh. After a disappointing ICC World Cup that fetched only 274 runs in 9 games at 34.25, Shai redeemed himself somewhat on Indian wickets against Afghanistan and India later in the year with 451 runs in 6 games, including two tons.

4. Aaron Finch (AUS)

In 2019, Aaron Finch scored 1141 runs in 23 matches at 51.86 with 4 tons and 6 fifties at a strike rate of 89.42. The Australian captain, who began the year poorly against the touring India team, regained his form in 5 games against Pakistan at Sharjah when he got 451 runs at 112.75 with two tons and a fifty. That was perfect preparation for the ICC World Cup where Finch made 507 runs in 10 matches at 50.70 with two tons, helping to take Australia to the semifinals.

5. Babar Azam (PAK)

With 1092 runs in 20 matches scored at an average of 60.67 in 2019, Babar Azam underscored his credentials as one of the world’s five best batsmen across formats. He had 3 tons and six fifties at a strike rate of 92.39. His sheer consistency shed a light on his extraordinary ability: an average of 48.75 in five matches against South Africa, followed by 5 games against England at 55.40 and 474 in 8 games during the ICC World Cup scored at an average of 67.71. He went even better against the touring Sri Lanka team in Pakistan later in the year, making 146 runs in two games at 73.00.

6. Usman Khawaja (AUS)

In 2019, Khawaja scored 1085 runs in 22 games at 49.32 with two tons and 8 fifties at a strike rate of 84.90. After a quiet beginning of the year, in which he averaged 38.00 in three games against the touring Indians, Khawaja did better on Indian wickets where he averaged 76.6 in 5 matches with two tons. He had another decent showing at Sharjah against Pakistan, averaging 54.40 in 5 games in the lead-up to the ICC World Cup. Unfortunately, the world event was a letdown for the Australian left-hander who averaged just 35.11 in 9 matches with the highest score of 89.

7. Kane Williamson (NZ)

With his 948 runs in 20 games at 59.25 in 2019, including 2 tons and 6 fifties, at a strike rate of 75.36, Williamson is the prime example of a big match player whose statistics do not reveal the whole story. For instance, an average of 44.00 from 3 games against the touring Sri Lankans in January 2019 would not have boded well for most players. Nor would an average of 32.40 in 5 matches against the touring Indians. However, the bigger picture showed itself with Williamson’s 528 runs scored at 82.50 in 10 games during the ICC World Cup where he all but dragged his team across the line to a world title.

8. Ross Taylor (NZ)

Taylor’s 2019 was embellished by 943 runs in 20 games at 55.47, including 1 ton and 7 fifties, with a strike rate of 86.51. Averaging 93.66, 44.25 and 135 in successive home series against Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh, Taylor sounded out a warning to rivals ahead of the ICC World Cup. Though he did not set the stands on fire during the latter event, with 350 runs from 10 games at an average of 38.88, Taylor did enough to help his side to another World Cup final.

9. Joe Root (ENG)

Root’s 910 runs in 22 games at 50.56 with 3 tons and 4 fifties at a strike rate of 92.86 underscored his impact on the game in 2019. The home series against the touring Pakistan side was a perfect lead-up to the World Cup for Root who averaged 50.75 in 3 games to work himself into some form. And that preparation paid dividends when he scored 556 in 11 World Cup matches at 61.77 with 2 tons and 2 fifties to lay the basis for England’s first World Cup title.

10. Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)

With 904 runs in 21 games at 47.58, including 3 tons and 3 fifties, and a strike rate of 79.30, Imam ul Haq let his talent shine through in 2019, in the face of loud cries of nepotism – with his uncle at the helm of Pakistan cricket at the time. He began the year well with 271 scored in 5 matches at 54.20 against South Africa. Though he did less impressively against Australia at Sharjah, Iman’s showing on the tour of England (averaging 117.00 in 4 ODI games) was perfect preparation for the ICC World Cup. During the event, though, he did not do justice to his talent with 305 runs in 8 games at 38.12, with one ton.

Most ODI runs in 2019

R Sharma (IND)1490 (1657)2757.306/715989.92
V Kohli (IND)1377 (1429)2559.867/512396.36
Shai Hope (WI)1345 (1726)2661.138/417077.92
A Finch (AUS)1141 (1276)2351.866/4153*89.42
Babar Azam (PAK)1092 (1183)2060.666/311592.30
U Khawaja (AUS)1085 (1278)2249.318/210484.89
K Williamson (NZ)948 (1258)1959.256/214875.35
R Taylor (NZ)943 (1090)2055.477/113786.51
Joe Root (ENG)910 (980)2050.554/310792.85
Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)904 (1140)2147.573/315179.29
J Roy (ENG)845 (715)1270.416/3153118.18
J Bairstow (ENG)844 (820)1846.884/3128102.92
F du Plessis (SA)814 (917)1767.836/2112*88.76
E Morgan (ENG)791 (705)1852.735/2148112.19
Q de Kock (SA)774 (773)1748.377/1121100.12
Mushfiqur (Ban)754 (837)1850.265/1102*90.08
C Gayle (WI)753 (686)1550.205/2162109.76
Shakib (Ban)746 (778)1193.257/2124*95.88
N Pooran (WI)728 (661)1752.005/1118110.13
B Stokes (ENG)719 (777)1759.917/08992.53
P Stirling (Ire)692 (907)1353.237/113076.29
F Zaman (PAK)683 (751)2034.155/113890.94
J Buttler (ENG)667 (492)1647.642/3150135.56
RVD Dussen (SA)664 (811)1473.777/09581.87
S Hetmyer (WI)658 (614)2038.702/2139107.16
H Sohail (Pak)654 (720)1550.303/213090.83
M Guptill (NZ)650 (668)2036.111/313897.30
D Warner (Aus)647 (724)1071.883/316689.36
Kusal Perera (SL)646 (647)1543.063/211199.84
Rahmat Shah (Afg)646 (942)2032.34/111368.57
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